What is it like to be on the road?

Harley NatureThe thrill of being on the road doubles up with time and experience. With every passing road, you get to know just how huge the world is and just how wonderful humanity is! The soul of a biker resides in the fernweh in their eyes and the desire to take on challenging routes to get to obscure locations. Why would anyone love to be on the road? Here are my views on it –

  1. The Ride: A good bike and the open road is a luring sight. As a child if you ever practiced on your Kazam balance bike for hours together, you are sure to love your bike and an open road to ride it on. It is the wind in the hair, the sunset and sunrise, the people we meet, the food you find, the tobacco you smoke, the voice of the rain on your raincoats, the sight of green pastures – all in quick succession. There is too much to absorb.
  2. Nature: You ride for the beautiful sights, the lakes, the mountains, the pastures and the raw beauty of nature. Right from camping in the wild to drinking water from a nearby river and to find insects and animals that you’ve never seen before – all of these form a very refreshing experience – one that rejuvenates you to the very core.
  3. The adventure: There are problems that you would confront with when the road is your home. Sans a fire place to warm your bones at the end of the day and without a cozy bed to sleep in – riding is all about meeting the extreme oddities in nature and dealing with them in the best possible way. Little adventures have taken bikers to do some tasks that they never knew they were capable of. Adventures like these happen on the road and by the end of it, you come out a much confident person.
  4. The People: Meeting the curious eyes of people in towns and villages brings a new sense of zest. The minute difference in cultures is something very fascinating. To teach children practicing on their balance bikes a trick or two about biking and to talk to people about their past and to listen to different stories, each as beautiful as the other – it is all an experience you would crave for time and again.

If you’re riding, you do not look for a reason, you simply enjoy the ride. Your choice of road and friends and food and clothes – nothing will matter once you hit the road and stick to it.


Keeping Your Riding Health: An Inversion Table Review

One thing that myself and many motorcycle riders never do is take care of themselves.  While I’m not the biggest fan of going to the gym I do like to take at least 10-20 minutes a day to take care of myself. Whether its basic stretching or doing some pushups, keeping fit is a must for anyone that rides long distances on their motorcycle.  One thing that has helped my endurance recently is the addition of an inversion table at my home.  I recently bought an Ironman Gravity Inversion Table and love it.  Below is my full review for any one that rides long distances.

Inversion tables have fast become the ultimate tool to help with back problems, and if you are in the market to purchase a gravity inversion table, there is plenty of choice. The amount of choice may seem daunting; however, it allows you to choose correctly. Whether you need an inversion table with manual verse power, or an ankle locking system, these are features that you will easily find.

There are several different manufacturers available to choose, however, Ironman continues to be a leading brand. This company offer top quality equipment at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone can afford an inversion table. They have several different models to choose, guaranteeing that you purchase the right table for your age and needs.

As with all products you will pay more depending on the level of features that are included, and the inversion tables are no different. If you have a smaller budget, there are Ironman Gravity inversion tables that you can afford. Some of the more advanced features may not be included; however, the table is still incredibly effective, and will achieve excellent results. Check out this site for some great inversion table reviews.

The gravity inversion table that Ironman produces has some excellent features, and guarantee comfort at all times. There are several different models in the Gravity range; however, the cheapest is still as popular. You will be able to relieve back stress, and pressure which can cause serious problems every day. The promotion of blood circulation is also excellent, and this table can help to reduce fatigue.

In the inverted position, you will feel comfortable due to the nylon backrest that is in place, and the floor stabilizers will ensure that you never feel unstable whilst using the table. The Ironman Gravity Inversion table is made from tough steel, guaranteeing that it is built to last. A strong frame is one of the most vital aspects of the table as you want to guarantee your safety when using the equipment,

Safety and comfort are both vital, and the inversion table from Ironman is supplied with tether straps, and ankle clasps ensuring that you do not slip. These features are standard on all of the Ironman inversion tables as they appreciate how vital these elements are to consumers. They ensure that the table is built with high end materials, displays a level of care and attention.

Ironman inversion tables are constructed with a wider frame, allowing a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs to use the inversion table. You will need to ensure that there is adequate room around the table when in use, as the dimensions of 49.0 “L x 25.0 “W x 62.0 “H is not considered to be compact. You need to ensure that wherever you decide to place the table it can be used and accessed easily to avoid accidents and injury.

The gravity inversion table can be moved, but it weighs 46lbs which is too heavy for some people, therefore, once in place many people choose to leave the table assembled. Assembly is straightforward, and something that you can do yourself with ease. Every element of the Ironman Inversion table from purchase to use is designed with ease in mind.

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Get Yourself a Good Pair of Winter Riding Gloves

Any biker can try and sell you the image of being tough but in reality when you’re on the road the elements will dictate how much enjoyment you will experience and freezing or getting frostbite isn’t cool no matter who you are. Many bikers’ have been caught unprepared when the winter comes to pay a visit and pay the price, because ultimately the gear and gloves you use will determine how good you can operate your motorcycle. Investing in a good pair of winter motorcycle gloves will greatly aid your overall performance and provide the warmest insulation possible when riding your Harley, Honda or Yamaha. Luckily there are many choices open to you that won’t cost you an arm or a leg but that will make sure that you have the best and warmest winter motorcycle gloves ever.

Things to look out for in good quality winter motorcycle gloves are the type of leather or textiles used, the threading of the seams and how many there are. Are they water-resistant? What about Wind-proof? Gloves have to be flexible and need dexterity in order to function properly. Make sure to look for gloves that do not become stiff and hard once they become wet just after one time. A very good alternative that’s become widely popular over the years are heated motorcycle gloves that work by using a gloves designed with built in pouches that charge with the use of electricity via batteries or a 12-volt DC plug in socket like a cigarette lighter. Other forms of designing heated gloves are through heating up gel pads in a microwave that can afterwards be placed in the lining and pockets of gloves.

Besides focusing on just heated winter motorcycle gloves you also need protection in the form of Kevlar or something similar to aid in providing safety in case of an accident. Companies and makers of winter motorcycle gloves include some of the following recommended top brands:


  • Alpinestars
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Belstaff
  • BMW
  • Icon
  • Firstgear
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Olympia Sports
  • Tour Master and
  • Storm Rider

Now apart from the above brands there are other likely manufacturers that do fit the bill, and that design the warmest motorcycle gloves that can comfortably compete with the above but these options are the most popular.

Gloves made from Cow hide and Deerskin Leather are always a good way to go especially since they are the most versatile and popular. Honda offers an extremely stylish range of protective gloves that offer functionality, grip and warmth. Taking a quick look on Amazon you’ll find a great range varying in price from around $40.00 and up.

Another time-saving tip is to look for winter motorcycle gloves tat have a wide and long gauntlet. This is because it’ll make it easier to pull it over your jacket. If you chose heated gloves then the sleeve needs to be big enough to pull over due to the charge pack knitted onto the gauntlet which makes it hard in some cases.

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Road Trip- NYC

NYC is one of the most popular cities in the entire world.  There are thousands of people who come to this city to start a brand new life each year.  It is full of energy and life that can be seen and felt throughout the entire city.  Whether you are planning a road trip during the tourist season in the summer or want to witness the lit up tree around Christmas, NYC is a must-see.  Below are some of the top attractions that you should see if you are going to be in NYC. nyccc

The Empire State Building– One of the most monumental buildings in the entire world is the Empire State.  The most magnificent thing about this building is that it provides breathtaking views of the city.  The Empire State Building is located within the heart of Manhattan and is a national historic landmark.  There are over one hundred floors and 1800 steps to the top.

Central Park- Even though Central Park isn’t full of glamour and glitz, it’s still a must-see.  One of the best parts about Central Park is that it’s beautiful.  Despite the fact that it’s in the middle of a big, hectic city- it provides a calm and comforting atmosphere.  Central Park is the ideal spot for picnics or a walk outdoors.

Brooklyn Bridge- The Brooklyn Bridge is a beautiful attraction that has a lot of historical significance in regards to the architecture in the United States.  When the Brooklyn Bridge was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the entire world.  Thousands of people go to the Brooklyn Bridge each year to enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty and Governor’s Island.

BLDG 92- BLDG 92 is located in Brooklyn, New York.  It is a museum that displays artifacts from the former shipbuilding center.  Another attraction that you might want to check out while you are in the area is the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The beautiful part about this park is that it provides stunning views.  Another cool thing about this park is the restored merry-go-round from the 1920’s.  The restored merry go round is a reminder of the deep history in Brooklyn.

5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center- This attraction is located in Long Island and is a must-see for everyone who loves art.  It features a 200,000 square foot canvas of authentic spray paint art.

Rockefeller Plaza- The Radio City Hall is the perfect place to go catch a show.  If you are going to visit NYC during the winter, you should get tickets to the Radio City Hall’s Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes.  It is a colorful show that is full of bright lights.  The beautiful rockettes dance with their lovely long legs and orchestrate the entire show.  Radio City Hall is located in Rockefeller Plaza.   One thing  I should mention if you are seeing a concert is to bring a good set of noise cancelling headphones as this place gets very loud during certain musical performances.

The Rink- After you go see a show at Radio City Hall, you should ice skate at the rink.  The cool thing about this ice skating rink is that you’ve probably already seen it featured on the news or television.  You can go home and brag about the experience to all of your friends.  Note- you can rent ice skates when you get to the rink.

The rink, Radio City Hall, and the Brooklyn Bridge are only some of the captivating attractions in New York City.  Don’t forget to stop and get a sausage to complete your trip in the big city.

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Power Washing Your Harley Davidson

Using a pressure washer to clean your Harley Davidson will make you bike look brand new again.  Everyone will stare when you drive down the road with your squeaky clean ride.  Below are some of the top tips on how to wash your bike with a pressure washer.  One tip that we always recommend is to use a low powered power washer when doing this as you don’t want to ruin your paint. new harley

Tip #1) Don’t rush into it- Even though you might be anxious to start washing your bike, it’s important to not rush into it.  Making sure that you have the right pressure washer and that it’s on the right settings can prevent you from damaging your bike.  When you don’t wash your Harley properly, you can do temporary or permanent damage that will impact the color and quality of your bike.

Tip #2) Make sure that you clear off your bike- Before you start cleaning your bike, you need to double check to make sure that you have removed all of your personal items that could potentially scratch your bike when you clean.  It is especially important to remove any jewelry; such as rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Tip #3) Wait until your bike cools off- You should never try to clean your Harley Davidson after it has been on the road for a couple of hours.  Allowing the bike to cool off before you clean it can prevent damage.  When you clean a bike that is too hot, you always run the risk of damaging the engine and/or pipes.

Tip #4) Don’t point the pressure towards the sealed bearings- You should never point the pressure washer towards the sealed bearings on your bike.  Even though the water itself will not damage the sealed bearings, the dust and dirt that can come in with the water will.

Tip #5) Make sure the bike is well supported- Because you are using pressure to clean your bike, you want to make sure it is well supported before you start cleaning.  Making sure that your bike is well supported will prevent the bike from falling over or becoming slanted while you are cleaning.

Tip #6) Don’t point it at the same spot for too long- Pointing the pressure washer wand at one spot for too long can damage your bike.  You should try to use even and steady strokes to prevent any possible damage.

Tip #7) Check out reviews on pressure washers- Checking out reviews on pressure washers allows you to see what users have to say about the product and whether or not it works.  The internet is a great place to look because there are plenty of free web sites that provide reviews for free.

Tip #8) Don’t forget to pay close attention to and clean off your wheels- It’s important to clean off your wheels when you own a Harley.  Brake dust can get on your wheels and do damage to your bike.

Tip #9) You can rent it out at your local home improvement store- If you want to try out a pressure washer without making a purchase, you can rent one out for the day at your local home improvement store.  This will give you an opportunity to see how it works and whether or not you like a certain brand.

Cleaning your Harley Davidson with a pressure washer will make your bike look beautiful.  Whether you have an old bike that needs some serious cleaning or just want to freshen up your ride- cleaning up your bike will make it shine.

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How to Spray Paint Your Motorcycle

If you would like to spray paint your motorcycle and you have never done this before, there are some steps that you will want to follow.  Following some of these tips and tricks can really help you create the very best looking motorcycle possible.  There are several things that you should do to make the entire process smoother.paint motorcycle

Start by making sure that you are covering your walls with plastic.  This is completely necessary to ensure that paint does not go everywhere.  Put a fan in the window, facing it outwards in order to get some of the fumes out of the room.  You will find that this is much safer for everyone.  Add any extra lighting in the room.  This will help you see what you are painting clearly.  You certainly want to make sure that the paint is placed on the bike evenly.

 Once the room is ready for painting you will need to get the bike ready.  It will be very important for you to wipe off the bike and sand the areas that you are planning on painting.  Many people will use a sand blaster to do this but if you do not have one you can always use sand paper.  Always take the time to have items removed from the bike that you do not want to be painted.  Some people will use tape but that is not always effective.  If you do not want to worry about overspray then you will definitely want to remove the pieces that should not be painted.  It does take more time but it is a lot safer in the end.

Next, purchase a filler coat that will leave a thick film on your bike.  Always make sure that you are putting this on evenly so that it will help make the spray paint look amazing when you are finished applying it.  Be sure that the filler coat is completely dry before you start to add the spray paint to the bike.

When the first coat of paint has been added you will need to lightly sand it down before you add another coat of paint.  You are going to see that you will always get a much smoother finish when you add more than one coat of paint to the bike.  Take your time and sand the motorcycle in between each of the coats.  You will want to use 180 grit sand paper when doing this as this will not hurt the finish.

When your bike is finally finished and you have added all of the spray paint that you want you will be able to add a clear coat.  Doing so will make your motorcycle shine and it will help it look polished all of the time.  There are a lot of people that will actually take the time to polish their bikes once they are completely done painting it.  If you are planning on doing this then you may also want to use a buffing pad to go over the entire bike.  You will see that this really adds a glow to the bike.

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5 Things to Take With You on a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

smalltoolkitIf you are planning a motorcycle trip across the country, you will definitely want to prepare for it well in advance. The problem is that so many people don’t think ahead, and they end up leaving something behind that they may have found to be handy. It isn’t like going in a car, and you won’t really have as much room to pack everything- but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the essentials with you. Here are a five things you won’t want to leave home without.

Bluetooth Headset

First, you will want to make sure that you take a Bluetooth speaker headset along with you. This will allow you to listen to music and also answer your phone. When you are on a bike, it is difficult to hear the music, and next to impossible for you to talk on the phone. A biker should never leave home without a Bluetooth headset.

Ear Plugs

You also want to make sure that you pack along a nice set of ear plugs. The noise while you are on the road can actually lead to ear damage if you don’t protect your ears. Unlike traveling in a car, you don’t really have much of anything to drown out the noises of the road. This can be detrimental to your ears in the long run.

Motorcycle Backpack

Whether just to carry some additional luggage on you back while riding or to haul your stuff with you while at a destination or location you have to kit yourself out with a good backpack. There are some really great high visibility motorcycle backpacks on the market that will not only provide you with carry and storage space but also contribute to your safety. Some hard-shall riding backpacks are said to also provide and additional level of protection in the unfortunate event of a crash or fall.


You also want to make sure that you have a map so that you can plan out your route. While Google maps on your phone is a great tool, it may not work at all times if you aren’t somewhere that you are able to get service. This is why it is important to take a hard copy map of the United States. You can find some that are compact and easy to carry along with you.

Tool Kit

Finally, make sure that you have a tool kit. This will come in handy if something goes wrong with your bike. From time to time, bikes may malfunction. You don’t want to end up having to be stranded on the side of a road, so it makes sense to have some tools along for the ride so that you can take care of small necessary repairs on your own.

If you pack these things and take them along with you, you will be able to have what you need just in case something where to go wrong. You will also be able to have entertainment, and enjoy the ride. While some things are no-brainers, make sure that you don’t leave any of these things behind.

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